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Solar Roofing Company

Maintenance Plan

Offshore provides a customizable Roof Maintenance program for each of our customers that allows businesses to not only extend the life of their current roof but also protect the current warranty and allocate budgets based on urgency of needed repairs.

  1. Our project manager will undergo a full review of your roofing asset(s)
  2. Infrared scanning is used to see if any moisture is building
  3. Our technicians schedule inspections throughout the year to address standard repairs and preventative maintenance
  4. A report is provided with all diagnosed issues recommending scopes for repair based on urgency.

By signing up for our Customer Portal each user will be able to access a log of previous work history (by building and area), before and after photos of the work order, current invoices and payment history as well as the ability to submit service and repair requests directly in to our system.

Save yourself money and time by allowing us to build a plan that will extend the life of your roof.