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Photovoltaic (PV) is a growing method of converting our sun’s energy into electricity through use of solar panels. These panels are comprised of an interconnected group of solar cells that translate light energy from the sun into electricity via the Photovoltaic effect. This process of conversion transpires with no moving parts, no sound, and most importantly, no pollution. The generated electricity can be used to offset the need for utility purchase and sometimes, if excess electricity is being generated, a send back to the utility companies can occur for a credit.

To put things into perspective, the sun provides the earth with more energy in just one hour than the whole world uses in an entire year. So, why aren’t we utilizing solar energy to its full capacity? Industry-wide, solar energy has grown at roughly a rate of 30% per annum over the past 15 years. This trend is common amongst all renewable resources and it is predicted by some that by year 2040 at least 50% of our world’s energy will come from such renewable resources.

To date, here is the U.S. we are consuming 26% of the world’s total energy. Keep in mind that we also make up only 5% of the total population. This fact, paired with our economy’s increased awareness of renewable energy resources and ‘going green,’ has led to many incentives and initiatives rewarding the utilization of solar energy and other renewable resources. In 2007 the solar power industry within the U.S. market grew by 48% due to such federal policies and incentives. To find out more about how you can take advantage of these please see our ‘Incentives and Rebates’ section.

Fun Fact : In 1990 a solar power aircraft was able to fly across the US using no fuel. Just imagine what 10 years of accelerated technology and innovation could do for your building!

Green Roofing

Green Roofing is becoming an attractive and efficient alternative for new roofing solutions as the Government continues to push forward with efforts looking for sustainable energy. Not only will this type of system make your building have more curb appeal, but Green Roofs can help extend the full life expectancy of your roofing system by absorbing rain water thus lessening the overall exposure to the nature's elements.